Borders and Regional Development

GfR Summer Conference 2018

The Summer Conference 2018 is organized by GfR in cooperation with

  • The Hungarian Section,
  • The Polish Section, and
  • The Slovak Section of ERSA.

The Conference will be held September 6 and 7 in Berlin (Berlin-Adlershof) in Germany.

Humboldt Universität Berlin
Geographisches Institut
Rudower Chaussee 16

The Program

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The role and function of borders has changed dramatically in Europe in the recent decades. The areas represented by the sections jointly organizing this conference were particularly affected by these changes. With Brexit approaching, we can expect such transformation to continue.

Although most of these changes happened at the national level, regions were probably impacted quite differently. We feel that it is time to take account of the short, medium, and long term effects the changing role of borders had on the conditions of living, working, and doing business in the regions. The GfR summer conference 2018 is expected to serve this purpose and will help in making better informed policy decisions in the future.

We invite contributions that deal with the topic in a wide sense. They may deal with issues like

  • convergence/divergence between regions,
  • cooperation across borders,
  • policy initiatives for or in border regions,
  • sectoral (e.g., tourism, education, construction) studies in border regions.

Dates and Deadlines

  • Conference: September 6 + 7, 2018