Winterseminar 2016


Tanja Sinozic, Alexander Auer: Knowledge bases, multi-level flows and the transformation of the Vienna medical cluster

Anna-Theresa Renner: Regional variations in hospital admissions due to ambulatory care sensitive conditions in Austria: an exploration of the socio-economic gradient on preventable health care


Richárd Farkas, Ákos Tóth-Pajor: The spatial inequalities in growth opportunities of small and medium-sized enterprises

Christian Warnecke, Daniel Weller: Cooperation between universities and firms from a spatial perspective: an empirical analysis using Bayesian multilevel models (pdf)

Bradley Loewen: Path dependence of regional policy in Central and Eastern Europe

Lorenz Benedikt Fischer, Michael Pfaffermayr: The more the merrier? Migration and convergence among European Regions


Maria Dementyeva, Erik Verhoef: Speed choice on congested roads: traffic safety under oligopolistic insurance

Mark Horridge and Bartlomiej Rokicki: The impact of EU accession on regional income convergence within Visegrad countries

Günter Haag: Small-scale migration analysis: theory, application and comparison of the gravity model and the Weidlich-Haag migration model

Christiaan Behrens, Mark Lijesen: The spatial scope of airline competition


Georg Hirte, Ulrike Illmann: Commuting behaviour in two-worker households

Peter Huber, Josef Montag, Petr Sunega: Homeownership and labour market outcomes in transition economies

Klaus Nowotny: Linguistic distance, networks and the regional location decisions of migrants to the EU

Marta Casanova, Jorge Mateu, José Albert, Vicente Orts: Spatial distribution of polluting facilities in Europe: the use of inhomogenous distance-based models


Karl Aiginger, Matthias Firgo: Regional competitiveness: connecting an old concept with new goals

Emmanouil Tranos, Yannis Ioannides: Ubiquitous digital technologies and spatial structure: a preliminary analysis


Angelika Krehl, Karsten Rusche: Local cluster detection and delineation: Using a spatial statistics approach for the case of employment clusters in the Stuttgart region

Andreas Niederl, Eric Kirschner, Micheal Kernitzkyi, Veronika Kulmer: On the position of Styria in the global value chain

Martin Adler, Hans Koster, Jos van Ommeren: Marginal external car congestion costs

Uwe Blien, Joachim Möller, Phan thi Hong Van, Stephan Brunow: Long-lasting labour market consequences of the German Unification


Dieter Pennerstorfer, Christoph Weiss, Biliana Yontcheva: Are frequent price changes a sign for elastic demand?

Michal Kvasnička, Rotislav Stanek, Ondrej Krčál: Local price competition: Evidence from the Czech retail gasoline market

Martin Falk, Laurent Vanat: Impact of investment in snowmaking infrastructure and new ski lifts on output of ski lift companies

Martin Falk: Gains from horizontal collaborations: The case of lift-linked ski areas and winter sport destinations

Oliver Fritz: Developing tourism strategies for a small and heterogenous region: The case of Styria (Austria)