Winterseminar 2017

Saturday       18.02.2017

Sascha Frohwerk: Regional differences in the success factors for car sharing as a component of a smart mobility strategy             

Jarko Fidrmuc, Moritz Degler: Temporal and Spatial Dependence of Interregional Risk Sharing: Evidence from Russia


Sunday          19.02.2017

 Sebastian Langer, Artem Korzhenevych and Martin Achtnicht: The effect of land usage on tax revenues – studying the example of Bavaria

Andreas Tietz: Non-agricultural investors in German agricultural companies

Nicholas Katz, Eric Kirschner, Andreas Niederl: Advanced forecasting models for regional employment data

Martin Falk, Eva Hagsten: Measuring the impact of the European Capital of Culture programme on overnight stays: Evidence for the last 20 years


Monday         20.02.2017

Richárd Farkas, Biliana Yontcheva: Price Transmission and Market Power in a Vertically Integrated Industry: Evidence from the Hungarian Gasoline Market

 Asjad Naqvi: Deep Impact: Geo-Simulations as a Policy Toolkit for Natural Disasters

Matthias Firgo, Peter Mayerhofer: Drivers of regional specialization in knowledge intensive business services in Austria

Györk Fülöp: Impression in the landscape – Connection between reformation and spatial heterogeneity


Tuesday        21.02.2017

 Uwe Blien, Oliver Ludewig, Anja Rossen: Does Technological Progress Create or Destroy Jobs?      

Dieter Pennerstorfer,Christoph Weiss, Biliana Yontcheva: All by mycellf
Using the AMOEBA approach to generate isolated markets

Eva Dettmann, Antje Weyh, Mirko Titze: Who benefits from GRW?
Heterogeneous employment effects of investment subsidies in Saxony Anhalt (in German)

Stefanie Peer: Who cycles to university? Determinants of mode choice behavior among students


Wednesday  22.02.2017

Michael Bentlage, Alain Thierstein, Arno Brandt: Preferential attachment and structural change. A dynamic approach to knowledge networks in the metropolitan region of Hanover-Brunswick-Göttingen-Wolfsburg

Anna Renner: Regional variations in hospital admissions due to ambulatory care sensitive conditions (ACSC) in Austria: an exploration of the socioeconomic gradient of avoidable hospitalisations



Thursday      23.02.2017

 Julia Janke, Michael Miess, Stefan Schmelzer: CO2 emission profiles for mobility behavior in Austria

Aurelien Fichet de Clairfontaine, Harald Badinger: Bilateral J-curve and multilateral trade resistance: Evidence from a structural gravity equation

Georg Hirte, Hyok-Joo Rhee: Benthamite welfare optimum, Henry-George and self-financing in the spatial model with unobserved household heterogeneity

Kati Volgmann, Karsten Rusche
: Economic and metropolitan performance in German polycentric city regions


Friday            24.02.2017

Eric Kirschner, Micheal Kernitzkyi, Veronika Kulmer, Andreas Niederl:  Labor market participation of asylum seekers in Austria: a longitudinal analysis (2000-2015) and regional implications

Bartlomiej Rokicki, Marcin Stepniak: Is there any relationship between the accessibility improvement and regional development?

Lorenz Fischer: Labor mobility and regional disparities in unemployment

Michaela Fuchs: The concentration of economic activity in East Germany: Changes in location patterns in the course of transition